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30 to 45 days

SQL What will you learn?

•Understand the concepts SQL
•Learn SQL proficiently in a structured fashion.
•Learn to code with SQL the easy way.
•Learn how to structure a large-scale project using SQL.
•You will know how to configure a SQL jobs.
•Start learning from this excellent course on SQL programming!
•How to focus on writing the correct code to execute SQL.
•An easy way to learn SQL and start coding right away!
•Learn SQL programming in easy steps from begining to advanced with example based training approach

create a peer to peer website in php mysql Course Features

•Career guidance providing by It Expert
•Exercises and handouts after every session
•Real time live project training and Guidance
•Trainer support after completion of the course
•Assignments and test to ensure concept absorption.
•We also provide Cost Effective and Flexible Payment Schemes
•We provide one to one mentorship for the students and Working Professionals
•Lifetime access to our 24×7 online support team who will resolve all your technical queries, through ticket based tracking system.

Who are eligible for SQL

•.Net,, C#, Angular, React, .Net Developer, Ui, Ui Development, Single Page Application, Sql, Product Development
•Informatica MDM, Siperian, Informatica PowerCenter, Oracle EBS Tech./Functional, ETL, Siebel UCM, Siebel CRM, Oracle Sales Cloud, VMware, CRM, Power
•Java, Net, C#, Manual Testing, Automation Testing, Manual Testing With Healthcare, Android And Ios Developer
•QA and Testing, erp, IMS, Cloud Computing, c# c c++, core java j2ee, oracle plsql unix shell script, cobol jcl db2 vsam cics, Sharepoint C#
•SQL Developer, Oracle Developer, Tibco, Datawarehousing, Automation Testing, Websphere Admin, Weblogic Support, Python, Netezza, Actuate, Hadoop


Setting up our development environment
•Downloading and installing Xampp
•Object Oriented Php fundamentals
•Section Intro
•Classes and properties
•Access Modifiers
•Constructors and destructors
•Static methods and properties
•Magic methods
•Php Data Objects Fundamentals
•Creating a Database Source Name
•Connecting to the database
•The query method
•The Prepare method with anonymous placeholders
•The Prepare method with named placeholders
•Using the bindParam and bindValue methods
•Setting up our files
•Matrix Admin Template
•Project’s source code
•Creating the folders for the project
•Creating the files of the classes and views folder
•Working on the footer,header,sidebar,logged_in.php files
•Modifying the sidebar.php and logged_in.php files
•Finishing touches on the logged_in file and working on the transaction.php file
•working on the uptin,waiting_to_be_paid,pending,not_merged.php files
•Working on the edit.php file
•Working on the profile.php file
•Working on the not_logged_in.php file
•Working on the register.php file
•Working on the downline.php file
•Working on the upline.php file
•The Registration Class
•Defining the registration class and its properties
•The databaseConnection method
•Creating the users table
•Creating the status table
•The registerNewUser method
•Implementing the registerNewUser method
•The Login Class
•Defining properties for the login class
•The database connection method
•The getUserData method
•The getStatus method
•The loginWithPostData method
•The userIsLoggedIn method
•Implementing the loginWithPostData method
•The doLogout method
•Creating the payment detail table
•User dashboard finishing touch
•The getPaymentDetails Method
•The profile page
•The edit profile page
•The editProfile method
•Implementing the editProfile method
•The password validation functionality
•Working on the select_package.php file
•Working on the upgrade.php file
•Linking the provide help button
•Some validation on the package select page
•Creating the packages table
•Creating the transaction table
•The selectPackage method
•Implementing the selectPackage method
•The getMergeStatus method
•Creating the temp table
•Linking the transaction.php file
•Some tweaking to the dashboard
•Implementing the getMergeStatus method
•Some validation on the dashboard
•Populating the downline.php file with dynamic data
•Populating the upline.php file with dynamic data
•The Merge Class
•Defining the Merge class and database connection method
•The pairUser method
•Implementing the Merge class
•The Countdown Timer
•Downloading jquery and the jquery CountdownTimer plugin
•The stop_time method
•Implementing the countDownTimer
•The Confirm Class
•Intro to the confirm class
•The confirmUser method
•A little clean up
•Implementing the confirmUser method
•A little tweak on the dashboard
•The updateStatus method
•Making the recycle button work
•Merging a downline confirmed by an upline
•Showing the upline the purge button after time alloted downline
•The purge method
•Implementing the purge method
•The Remerge Class
•Creating the Remerge class, databaseconnection method,pairUser method
•Implementing the Remerge class
•making the Paid Button work
•The userPaid method
•Implementing the userPaid method
•making the I can’t pay Button work
•Sweet Alert
•Showing validation messages using Sweet Alert on the login page
•Showing validation messages using Sweet Alert on the registration page
•Pulling out messages using Sweet Alert when logged in
•showing users the details of a package using sweet alert
•ClientSide validation and ajax login and sign up
•Downloading the Validate jquery plugin
•Validating the registration form
•registerForm function
•Validating the login form
•loginForm function
•Downloading the backstretch jquery plugin
•Adding a background image with backstretch jquery plugin
•Downloading the Gritter jquery plugin
•Notifying the downlines and upline with the gritter image
•Email verification
•Installing composer and pulling in the PHPMailer class library
•Defining some constants for sending the verification email
•The sendVerificationEmail method
•The verifyNewUser method
•Hosting the Project Online
•Taking the project online
•Implementing the sendVerificationEmail method
•Fixing the Sweet Alert pop up on sending the user a verification email
•Implementing the verifyNewUser method
•Cronjob resource material.
•Setting up the cronjob to run the merge and remerge php script
•Using Ajax to confirm and purge users
•Using Ajax to confirm and purge users