Deep Learning Advanced Nlp




Deep Learning Online Training


Working Professionals and Freshers


Both Classroom and Online Classes


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

Fast Track and Regular 60 Days

Deep Learning Objectives

•Learn about Deep Learning Practices and guidelines.
•Master Deep Learning concepts from the ground up
•Learn how to use conditional statements in Deep Learning.
•A introductory understanding of how to program in Deep Learning.
•Learn or brush up with the basics of Deep Learning
•Learn how to get a Job as a Deep Learning developer .
•You will Learn How to Create and Use Model in Deep Learning.
•Discover how to correctly test instance identity as well as equality in Deep Learning.
•Have an understand of Deep Learning and how to apply it in your own programs

deep learning advanced nlp Training Highlights

•Free Aptitude classes & Mock interviews
•Training by Industry expert professionals
•Fast Track course available with best Fees
•Our Trainers with 15+ years of teaching Experience
•Assignments and test to ensure concept absorption.
•Hands On Experience – will be provided during the course to practice
•Curriculum based on course outlines defined by in-demand skills in Python.
• Our dedicated HR department will help you search jobs as per your module & skill set, thus, drastically reducing the job search time

Who are eligible for Deep Learning

•.net software engineer, Team Lead, Senior Soft ware engineer, Technical Architect, Program Manager, .net Developer, Biztalk Developer, others
•Devops, Javascript, Aws, Amazon Ec2, Angularjs, Vuejs, React.js, Node.js, Ansible, Docker, Startup, Architectural Design, Machine Learning, Python, Cloud
•Java, Core Java, J2ee, Ui, Java Fullstack, Front End, Angularjs, Angular, React.js, Java Senior Developers, Java Developers, Java Lead, Ui Lead, Ui Developers
•Protocol Testing, Php Developer, Oracle, Senior Managers, Oracle DBA, Dotnet, Java, oracle, DBA, Database Administration, 12c, RAC, Goldengate
•Software Development, Big Data, Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Oozie, Big Data Analytics, Java, Python, R, Cloud, Data Quality, Scala, Nosql, Sql Database, Core Java


•Where to get the code
•How to Succeed in this Course
•Review Section Introduction
•What is a word embedding?
•Using word embeddings
•What is a CNN?
•Where to get the data
•CNN Code ()
•What is an RNN?
•GRUs and LSTMs
•Different Types of RNN Tasks
•A Simple RNN Experiment
•RNN Code
•Review Section Summary
•Bidirectional RNNs
•Bidirectional RNNs Motivation
•Bidirectional RNN Experiment
•Bidirectional RNN Code
•Image Classification with Bidirectional RNNs
•Image Classification Code
•Bidirectional RNNs Section Summary
•Sequence-to-sequence models (Seq2Seq)
•Seq2Seq Theory
•Seq2Seq Applications
•Decoding in Detail and Teacher Forcing
•Poetry Revisited
•Poetry Revisited Code 1
•Poetry Revisited Code 2
•Seq2Seq in Code 1
•Seq2Seq in Code 2
•Seq2Seq Section Summary
•Attention Section Introduction
•Attention Theory
•Teacher Forcing
•Helpful Implementation Details
•Attention Code 1
•Attention Code 2
•Visualizing Attention
•Building a Chatbot without any more Code
•Attention Section Summary
•Memory Networks
•Memory Networks Section Introduction
•Memory Networks Theory
•Memory Networks Code 1
•Memory Networks Code 2
•Memory Networks Code 3
•Memory Networks Section Summary
•Basics Review
•(Review) Keras Discussion
•(Review) Keras Neural Network in Code
•(Review) Keras Functional API
•(Review) How to easily convert Keras into Tensorflow 2.0 code
•Appendix / FAQ
•What is the Appendix?
•Windows-Focused Environment Setup 2018
•How to How to install Numpy, Theano, Tensorflow, etc…
•Is this for Beginners or Experts? Academic or Practical? Fast or slow-paced?
•How to Succeed in this Course (Long Version)
•How to Code by Yourself ()
•Proof that using Jupyter Notebook is the same as not using it
•What order should I take your courses in? ()
•Python 2 vs Python 3