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ios Development What will you learn?

•Learn How To Use ios Development.
•Learn how to perform cross-validation in ios Development.
•Become a better developer by mastering ios Development fundamentals
•Learn a few useful and important topics in ios Development.
•Learn The Basics of ios Development In a Single Course
•Discuss all the principles of ios Development and demonstrate though Assignment.
•Learn How to code in ios Development in simple and easy way.
•An easy way to learn ios Development and start coding right away!
•with this time saving course you will Learn ios Development and ready to use it

ios sdk course Course Features

•Most comprehensive Industrry curriculum
•Resume & Interviews Preparation Support
• Helps you stand out in a competitive market
•Immersive hands-on training on Python Programming
•Fast track and Sunday Batches available on request
•Access to a huge closet containing information about Hadoop
•We provide one to one mentorship for the students and Working Professionals
•This Instructor-led classroom course is designed with an aim to build theoretical knowledge supplemented by ample hands-on lab exercises

Who are eligible for ios Development

•Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Block Chain, Iot, Cloud Computing, Ux Design, Mobile Application Development, Natural Language Processing, Business
•Digital Marketing, General Manager, Business Development, Product Manager, Big Data, Business Analyst, Frontend Developer, Human Resources, data
•Java, J2EE, Machine Learning, Image Processing, UI Design, UX Developer, C++, Python, Perl
•Security Associate, Security Monitor, Security Analyst, senior security operations analyst, Software Engineer, Software Developer, Java Developer, DevopsWeb Designing, Web Development, Software Development, Software Testing, Mobile Application Development, Cloud Computing, Business Development, Automotive


CocoaPods Tutorials: Learn how to use CocoaPods
•What is CocoaPods
•Install CocoaPods on the Mac
•Initialise Xcode project with CocoaPods
•Install 3 pod projects
•Useful CocoaPods commands
•CocoaPods Resources
•Twitter SDK
•Create a new Xcode project
•Initialise the project with CocoaPods
•Create a new Twitter app to get app key and secret
•Initialise Xcode project with keys and set up info.plist
•Redirect handler, import framework and set up callback URL
•Present Twitter login screen and test login
•Display the name, username and profile photo of the user
•Resources and Exercise
•Facebook SDK – Login With Facebook
•Initialise your project with CocoaPods
•Create new app on Facebook developers website
•Present the login screen and attempt login
•Make Graph API request to get profile information
•Display user’s name and profile picture
•Request higher quality photo and make the app public
•Parse Server: Add Backend To Your Mobile App
•Deploy Parse Server on Heroku
•Create new Xcode project and install Parse SDK
•Set up Xcode project and save your first object to the backend
•App Transport Security setting
•Another way to save a PFObject
•Query records from the database
•Use contraints and get first object in background
•Update a PFObject
•Delete a PFObject
•OneSignal SDK: Send Push Notifications In Your App
•Register account and create a new app on the dashboard
•Create a P12 certificate and upload to the set up
•Install OneSignal SDK and add setup code
•Initialise OneSignal with app id and run on device
•Send push notification from OneSignal dashboard
•Send push notification from the app
•Get user player id by code
•Braintree SDK: Accept Credit Card Payment In Your App
•Create new Xcode project and install the SDK
•Present the DropIn UI and register a sandbox account
•Set up simple PHP server on Amazon AWS LightSail
•Process payment on the app
•How to accept PayPal payments
•Resources and Exercises
•Crashlytics SDK: Track Your App Crashes Easily
•Set up Crashlytics SDK and configuration
•Register app crash on the dashboard
•Create 4 crashes from the app
•AdMob SDK: Display Ads In Your App
•Create new Xcode project for the AdMob app
•Install the SDK with CocoaPods and initialise the project
•Create a new app to get an AdMob app Id
•Show banner ads
•Show interstitial ads
•Interstitial ad delegate functions
•Google Sign-In SDK: Login With Google
•Create new Xcode project for Google login app
•Install Google Sign-In SDK and create an OAuth client id
•Implement the app sign in delegate functions
•Present the Google Sign-In user interface and log in the user
•Amazon S3 SDK: Upload And Download File Using Amazon S3
•Install AWS SDK and add the ATS settings
•Set up the AWS Cognito, S3 and IAM
•Upload photo to AWS S3
•Download data from AWS S3 bucket
•Firebase Authentication SDK: Authenticate Users Using Firebase
•Create new Xcode project
•Create new app, install SDK, add plist and complete set up
•Register a user in the app
•Check to see if a user is logged out or logged in
•Logout the user
•Login a user
•LinkedIn SDK: Authenticate User With LinkedIn API
•Create new app on LinkedIn developers website
•Install SDK and add info.plist keys
•Present the login screen and get access token
•Get user profile information
•Display user’s information and photo on the app once logged in
•Add a function to redirect user if LinkedIn app is used for authentication
•Foursquare API: Get Nearby Places
•Create a new app to get app id and app secret
•Install FourSquare API client library using CocoaPods
•Make client API request
•Display data as JSON object
•Get access to the name key and venue id
•Make a photo API request with venue ID
•Display the photo using the prefix and suffix keys
•DropBox SDK: Download and Upload Data To Dropbox Folder
•Create new app ID and install SDK
•Initialise the project and set up info.plist keys
•Present the DropBox login screen and check authentication result
•Upload photo to DropBox folder
•Download a file from DropBox folder
•How to create a new folder and create right paths for downloads
•Firebase Storage SDK: Upload Contents To Firebase Storage
•Create new project on console and install Firebase Storage SDK
•Firebase file upload implementation
•Firebase storage security rules
•Firebase data download implementation
•Download file using the URL
•Navigating folders and subfolders in your storage bucket
•Course Conclusion
•Thank you for completing this course