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PHP Ruby Online Training Institute


Working Professionals and Freshers


Regular Offline and Online Live Training


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

1.5  hrs in weekdays and 3hrs during Weekend

PHP Ruby What will you learn?

•Learn to use tools in PHP Ruby.Learn to manage application state with PHP Ruby.
•How to write clean production-ready code using PHP Ruby.
•Build deploy and run your PHP Ruby configuration and code.
•Learn PHP Ruby in the most efficient and easy way
•Learn PHP Rubyat a minimal cost and enjoy the instructor support.
•Learn to code in PHP Ruby from scratch with hands-on projects
•Students will have a solid understanding on how to create PHP Ruby App.
•PHP Ruby -Learn how to use one component inside an other i.e complex components.

php and ruby programming bundle Course Features

•Additional Sessions for Doubt Clearing
•Course has been framed by Industry experts
•Learn Core concepts from Leading Instructors
•Online Training with 100% placement assistance
•We hire Top Technical Trainers for Quality Sessions
•Collaboration With 500+ Clients for Placements and Knowledge Sessions
•Curriculum based on course outlines defined by in-demand skills in Python.
•Very in depth course material with Real Time Scenarios for each topic with its Solutions for Online Trainings.

Who are eligible for PHP Ruby

•Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Iot, Big Data, Business Analytics, Data Science, Python, Node.js, React.js, Hadoop, Aws, Qa
•HPSM, HPAM, HP PPM, HPBSM, Python, SAP Apo, SAP APO DP, SAP APO SNP, Testing, HP DMA, SAP MM, Mainframe Developer, ETL Testing, JAVA Developer
•Java Fullstack Developer, Java, Javascript, Data Structures, OOPS, Cassandra, NoSQL, Big Data, CI, XSLT, Maven, XML, Web Services, Microservices, SQL, Rest
•SAP CRM, SAP BI/BW, SAP FICO, .NET/MVC, JAVA/Spring, Mobile Apps Developer, IOS Developer, ETL Testing, VSTS Testing, Oracle ERP Support, Peoplesoft
•UI/UX Architect, C#, Asp.Net, Javascript, CSS, Ajax, HTML, MS SQL, Azure, SugarCRM, Php, MVC, MYSQL, CodeIgniter, Android Developer, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery


•Intro To PHP For Web Development
•Install XAMPP
•Install Sublime Text Editor
•PHP Structure and Syntax
•Math Operators
•String Concantenation
•Comparison Operators
•Escape Characters
•If Else Statements
•Elseif Statements
•Numeric Arrays
•Associative Arrays
•Array Count
•While Loops
•For Loops
•Foreach Loops
•Random Function
•Date Function
•String Manipulation Functions
•Include Function
•Templating Out A Website
•Template Practice and Jumbotron
•Install Git Bash Terminal
•Generate an SSH Key
•Initialize Git
•Setup Githubcom
•Install the Heroku Toolbelt
•Push Code To Heroku
•Heroku Domain Names
•Old PHP Programming Videos
•Old Video Explanation
•Installing XMPP
•Intro To C
•Version Control With Git
•Web Hosting With Heroku
•PHP Basic Structure
•Basic If Statements
•If Elseif Statements
•String Manipulation
•Final Templating
•Ruby Programming
•Install Sublime Text and Git Bash
•Install Ruby
•Hello World First Program
•Printing To The Screen With Puts and Print
•Getting User Input With Gets
•Simple Math
•Converting To An Integer
•Assignment Operators
•IfElse Conditional Statements
•Each Loops
•Building FizzBuzz
•Methods Part
•Intro To Ruby Classes
•Ruby Classes Part
•Class Getters
•Class Setters
•Adding Perimeter and Area Methods
•Class Attr Accessor
•Creating a Draw Method
•Intro To C9
•If / Elseif Statements
•Hello World! First Program
•If/Else Conditional Statements
•Building FizzBuzz!
•Ruby Classes